Sunday, July 12, 2009

Evidence I REALLY need this vacation

I am currently up in northern Michigan, visiting my mom and stepdad. First vacation I have had in sometime and I really needed it. Case in point:

The other day, I was driving back to work after a doctor's appointment and talking to Hannah on my cell phone. This you must remember or nothing that follows will be as hilarious.

So I am talking to Hannah, get to work, park and get out of the car. Am walking towards the building when I looked in my purse to make sure I had my cell phone. (you remember what I said, right?) So, I go back to the car, unlock it and look inside - no phone. I go to the passenger side and look on the seat, on the floor, between the seats..and no cell phone. Now, I had already had to go back to the doctor's office because I left my book and my prescription and I was starting to get concerned I left my phone behind, too - either at the doctor's or the lab.

So, I say to Hannah (because she was still ON THE PHONE): I have to go, I can't find my phone.

I pull the (never really missing) phone down from my ear to hit the end call button and THEN it hits me what I have just said!!! Sometimes I think I might be a blonde in disguise.

Hope I find my brain up here...