Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Apparently, even when they get older our kids have no idea what we do at work. My husband, Jim, is Environmental Services Director over 2 Community Network hospitals. He's been in the cleaning business like 20 years. Here is the conversation I had this morning with my oldest daughter, Hannah, which I found very entertaining:
Me: I have officially decided that what I want for Christmas is a new vacuum.
H: Good luck with that.
Me: Why?!?
H: Because I don't think Dad is the one to really know how to get you a vacuum.
Me: Seriously? Who better than Dad? He buys vacuums for a living.
H: No he doesn't. He buys paper towels and toilet paper.
Me: *hahahahahahahaha*
H: He does. I always hear him on the phone asking if the toilet paper got ordered...