Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, the much anticipated Day 2 of ornament sharing!!

This first one is my fave "first Christmas together" ornament. It has a picture of me and Jim on our honeymoon at the miniature golf range (which tells you we did not go somewhere warm and exotic). Best part - I chose a photo where I would be "driving". (And the big bunny backseat driver)

This one is not one the tree yet because it is our pickle ornament. It goes on tonight and then the girls look for it on the tree in the morning - who ever finds it gets a little extra gift. If you look carefully, you can read the description of the tradition.

This is from my Boston days - I just like the lobster. I think I may have actually bought this on a visit back and bought my sister a matching one, as we were sharing an apartment at the time. (Not for long, as Jim came to visit over Christmas and proposed!! Hurrah!!)

This is baby Jesus in the manger. He used to be wrapped in swaddling clothes, but I think the dogs tried to eat him one year. One of the girls made this at TPCC one year. I guess you could look at it as being deep and philosophical and a testament to the very simple way Jesus came into the world.

Until last week, when we bought an ornament to commemorate our 2nd annual attendance at the Yuletide Celebration (Holiday music variety program downtown at the symphony), this ornament was our newest ornament. I think it is going to be one of my favorites. I actually bought it at a conference I attended for Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). As I looked at it, though, I realized how perfectly it told the Christmas story. The star in the sky showed the way to where Hope was born. The star guided those who sought Jesus - who had hopes of finding a King and Savior. Jesus, the Hope of nations, the Messiah for whom the people had longed and waited. It is in Him we have hope, not in the things of this world. Isn't that awesome?

I wish now I had bought tons of these so I could share with family and friends the message of true hope. Since I don't have one to give you, please enjoy this virtual one with a reminder that we can put our hope in Christ who loves us and will always care for us.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Elf Yourself

Jim "elf'd" the girls and the dogs. I think this is just hilarious, I was crying I was laughing so hard. I don't have the download, but here is the link - yours to view over and over ad infinitum until January 15th. Joy and bliss!!

Ornament bliss

Inspired by my friend Jen - here is a selection of ornaments from our tree. Stay tuned, as I will post one of my newest favorites tomorrow - or as soon as I remember to do it.

This first ornament is one of our older ones and dates to when I was young. It is a ballerina made out of a clothespin.

I love this photo of the girls at Disney World. In their VBS shirts, of course.

The girls are HUGE Hoops and Yoyo fans, so they both want to hang the Hoops and Yoyo ornament. This year, to determine who would hang the ones they both wanted to hang, we did Bible trivia. Kaylie won by knowing the name of the first King of Israel. Of course, right after saying "King Saul!", she adds, "and then he changed his name to King Paul!". Um, wrong Saul, Kaylie, but huge points for enthusiasm!

(Also note one of our multiple obligatory COLTS ornaments! Yee hah!)

This is the first of our personalized family ornaments, dating back to when Jim and I were first married. This is ornament.1, with me, Jim, and the hamster, Hamilton. Future modifications added our first dog, Hannah, then Kaylie. I don't think we have one with both girls and both dogs.

I love this ornament. Back when I served as 2's coordinator at TPCC, we had an ornament exchange every year and I bought this ornament as my give away, but really wanted it for myself. I was overjoyed when my mom (not knowing the story) gave me the same ornament for Christmas that year!! Great minds really do think alike!!

More to come...PS - Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Everything old is new again

Thanks to a technical difficulty, I had to redo my blog. Thanks to technology I pretty much could copy the old one and re-import here and fortunately I was able to keep the same blog address (because I have such a huge following and all 3 or 4 of my readers would dearly miss me :) )

So welcome to my new old blog. You will notice my total lack of creativity remains in tact and I have kept the exact same layout and everything. Yee hah.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Girls 'n Grace Contest!!!

A Girls ’n Grace Christmas Contest!

Pam Davis, creator of Girls ’n Grace, and Authentic Books are sponsoring a contest, just in time for Christmas. To launch the release of the latest two books in the Girls ’n Grace series, Sydney Claire: A Girl ’n Grace in the 1960’s and Mesi’s Season of Change: A Friendship Story, they are giving away one of the character dolls.

As a Christian mother, Pam Davis knows the lasting imprint that “playtime” can really leave on an impressionable little girl. With the right character as a role model, God could use those sweet afternoon tea parties, hours of make-believe, and sleepovers to sow seeds of faith in tender hearts. This concept became the foundation for the Girls ’n Grace products, a line of dolls and books designed to fulfill Davis’ dream of demonstrating to today’s young girls what it means to be girls of grace.

To enter the doll giveaway contest, submit your story about your best teachable grace moment with a child in your life to Below is the information that you need to include on your entry.

All entries must be submitted by December 17 to
Stories should be 400 words or less
Include the name of the blog site (or a link to the blog) where you saw the contest
Include your preference of Sydney Clair or Mesi doll
The winner will be notified, and the doll will be shipped to arrive on December 23.
Please note that entries may be reprinted/reposted by Girls ’n Grace and Authentic

If you would like to post this contest on your blog site too, please send the link of your post to, and you will receive a copy of each of the new books. The blog that has the most entries will also win a doll to keep for themselves or that can be given away on their blog.

Visit the Girls ’n Grace interactive website at for more information about the books, dolls, Bible studies, games and more.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Comfort Movie

I stole from a friend the idea of posting my three favorite comfort movies of all time. The ones I watch when I am down or sick or blah or want to cuddle up in a blanket and feel cozy. I also think these are the ones I have seen so much that I can put them on and fall asleep to them feeling like all is well.

My top one is actually the Muppet Christmas Carol. At some point this became the movie I watch when I am sick. It has just become very comforting to hear the songs and the familiar corny jokes. Of course, I have always been a Muppet fan and still listen to my John Denver and the Muppets CD at Christmas.

Next would be Mary Poppins. Again, just one I have grown to turn to when I am sick or migrained. (not much else one can do with migraine and can't handle a suspense movie or something that requires you to pay attention)

Next is not a movie, but more of a genre - any of my Cary Grant and Gene Kelly movies. Especially Charade and Singin in the Rain. (Although at this time of year, I am more prone to watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas).

I know, nothing stimulating or exciting, but that is why they are comfort movies, not exercise movies. I think such old flicks make the list because they bring me back to childhood and the warm memories that brings.

What does anyone else like to pull out on those blah days? (all you zillions of blog readers)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree time!

(I am hovering in this no man's land between a share my life blog and share my thoughts blog. This is one of those share my life posts. Have some deep thoughts I want to share, but it is past my bedtime, so superficial is as good as it gets right now.)

We went to get our Christmas tree today. We have this gift for not choosing the loveliest of days to go cut down our tree. This year again one of those years. Nice cold rain/mist/drizzle falling. But no crowd at the tree farm! We really enjoy the tree farm where we go and choosing the tree, bringing it home and decorating it is one of our favorite family traditions.
Photos of the finished product will be forthcoming - some lights seem to be awol and the tree is still drying out. Stay tuned! :) (I know, you are dying in anticipation, aren't you?)

I didn't think about pictures until after the tree was cut, so Jim displaying his saw skills post-the actual cut.

We skip the whole tying the tree to the roof thing and just slide it into the minivan. I think the folks at the tree farm think we are on drugs, but it is much easier - and I really prefer to not repeat the year we turned a corner and the tree tumbled off the roof. Bad enough tying it on in the parking lot, even worse along the side of the road. (Kaylie was reprimanded on the way home so she is not very happy right at this moment.)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow issues

Went to Michigan to my mom and stepdad's house for Thanksgiving. Came home Sunday - in snow the majority of the trip. Talked to Mom today - they got 8 inches. Why do they always get the big snow AFTER we leave?? Whatsupwiththat?? Maybe it is God helping out this slacker mom who has 2 kids and only one pair of snow pants. The girls had to keep taking turns (in what snow was already on the ground) over the holiday weekend - who got to be warm, and who was going to wear 3 pairs of pants and still get sopping wet. Should have pictures somewhere...need to get me, the computer, the internet and the camera together at the same time. PS - If you talk to my family, my husband, or Santa, #1 on my Christmas list this year is a new digital camera that will fit in my pocket and can go everywhere with me.