Monday, December 8, 2008

Comfort Movie

I stole from a friend the idea of posting my three favorite comfort movies of all time. The ones I watch when I am down or sick or blah or want to cuddle up in a blanket and feel cozy. I also think these are the ones I have seen so much that I can put them on and fall asleep to them feeling like all is well.

My top one is actually the Muppet Christmas Carol. At some point this became the movie I watch when I am sick. It has just become very comforting to hear the songs and the familiar corny jokes. Of course, I have always been a Muppet fan and still listen to my John Denver and the Muppets CD at Christmas.

Next would be Mary Poppins. Again, just one I have grown to turn to when I am sick or migrained. (not much else one can do with migraine and can't handle a suspense movie or something that requires you to pay attention)

Next is not a movie, but more of a genre - any of my Cary Grant and Gene Kelly movies. Especially Charade and Singin in the Rain. (Although at this time of year, I am more prone to watch Holiday Inn or White Christmas).

I know, nothing stimulating or exciting, but that is why they are comfort movies, not exercise movies. I think such old flicks make the list because they bring me back to childhood and the warm memories that brings.

What does anyone else like to pull out on those blah days? (all you zillions of blog readers)


Jenibug7 said...

I am not a big movie person, but I LOVE to read. I am deeply saddened by the fact that there is no new good book on my nightstand now. And since I have been taking it easy the last couple of days (another story, another blog post), I have ventured so far as to read the Sunday paper (the actual articles, not just the ads), prescription drug information, and a cooking magazine. I need a trip to the library! :)

tricia said...

Oh, if only my nightstand were book-less. They don't even all fit on the shelf of my night stand. :( I keep finding all these good sounding books and not enough time to read them. The other day, I could not figure out why my card would not work at the library self serve check out - when they checked my account it was because we had 125 books checked out and had hit our max!! Oi vey! Time for some power reading.

Anonymous said...

Yes! You mentioned some of my favorite comfort movies...........the familiar songs, the days gone by and (in the case of Mary Poppins) the things that we could only imagine could happen (and do at times, when pretend life seems safer than real life)!