Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More ornaments!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now, the much anticipated Day 2 of ornament sharing!!

This first one is my fave "first Christmas together" ornament. It has a picture of me and Jim on our honeymoon at the miniature golf range (which tells you we did not go somewhere warm and exotic). Best part - I chose a photo where I would be "driving". (And the big bunny backseat driver)

This one is not one the tree yet because it is our pickle ornament. It goes on tonight and then the girls look for it on the tree in the morning - who ever finds it gets a little extra gift. If you look carefully, you can read the description of the tradition.

This is from my Boston days - I just like the lobster. I think I may have actually bought this on a visit back and bought my sister a matching one, as we were sharing an apartment at the time. (Not for long, as Jim came to visit over Christmas and proposed!! Hurrah!!)

This is baby Jesus in the manger. He used to be wrapped in swaddling clothes, but I think the dogs tried to eat him one year. One of the girls made this at TPCC one year. I guess you could look at it as being deep and philosophical and a testament to the very simple way Jesus came into the world.

Until last week, when we bought an ornament to commemorate our 2nd annual attendance at the Yuletide Celebration (Holiday music variety program downtown at the symphony), this ornament was our newest ornament. I think it is going to be one of my favorites. I actually bought it at a conference I attended for Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). As I looked at it, though, I realized how perfectly it told the Christmas story. The star in the sky showed the way to where Hope was born. The star guided those who sought Jesus - who had hopes of finding a King and Savior. Jesus, the Hope of nations, the Messiah for whom the people had longed and waited. It is in Him we have hope, not in the things of this world. Isn't that awesome?

I wish now I had bought tons of these so I could share with family and friends the message of true hope. Since I don't have one to give you, please enjoy this virtual one with a reminder that we can put our hope in Christ who loves us and will always care for us.



Anonymous said...

You had 'Boston days'? I don't recall you sharing about that. Someday, maybe!

We have a pickle, too! It's true! You are absolutely right; great minds do think alike! But then, I can hardly take credit since it was a gift from my sister- in- law; who bought it for my husband (who is also her cousin; we come from a small Minnesota; not Kentucky)! They (my husband and my sister-in-law; his cousin) are German Franks; not the edible kind but the actual from Germany with the last name Frank kind of Frank (any relation to Anne? I don't know).

Diane W.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that my sister-in-law bought the pickle in Germany, when she was there visiting relatives (and checking out the church where her grandma and grandpa were married).

Diane W.