Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tree time!

(I am hovering in this no man's land between a share my life blog and share my thoughts blog. This is one of those share my life posts. Have some deep thoughts I want to share, but it is past my bedtime, so superficial is as good as it gets right now.)

We went to get our Christmas tree today. We have this gift for not choosing the loveliest of days to go cut down our tree. This year again one of those years. Nice cold rain/mist/drizzle falling. But no crowd at the tree farm! We really enjoy the tree farm where we go and choosing the tree, bringing it home and decorating it is one of our favorite family traditions.
Photos of the finished product will be forthcoming - some lights seem to be awol and the tree is still drying out. Stay tuned! :) (I know, you are dying in anticipation, aren't you?)

I didn't think about pictures until after the tree was cut, so Jim displaying his saw skills post-the actual cut.

We skip the whole tying the tree to the roof thing and just slide it into the minivan. I think the folks at the tree farm think we are on drugs, but it is much easier - and I really prefer to not repeat the year we turned a corner and the tree tumbled off the roof. Bad enough tying it on in the parking lot, even worse along the side of the road. (Kaylie was reprimanded on the way home so she is not very happy right at this moment.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah; I love it..............real life 'tree hunting' Polly Anna version!