Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow issues

Went to Michigan to my mom and stepdad's house for Thanksgiving. Came home Sunday - in snow the majority of the trip. Talked to Mom today - they got 8 inches. Why do they always get the big snow AFTER we leave?? Whatsupwiththat?? Maybe it is God helping out this slacker mom who has 2 kids and only one pair of snow pants. The girls had to keep taking turns (in what snow was already on the ground) over the holiday weekend - who got to be warm, and who was going to wear 3 pairs of pants and still get sopping wet. Should have pictures somewhere...need to get me, the computer, the internet and the camera together at the same time. PS - If you talk to my family, my husband, or Santa, #1 on my Christmas list this year is a new digital camera that will fit in my pocket and can go everywhere with me.


Jenibug7 said...

As I was reading I totally thought you were going to say that they had to take turns with the pants- meaning that one of them would go out and play for 15 minutes and then come in and give the pants to the other who would have her turn. Then they could switch again. As if not having snow pants has ever kept a kid from getting in the snow. It was a dumb thought. But funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your mom has moved to Michigan? So, I guess no moonlit, star bright evenings on the porch, with a hot chocolate (or coffee)...........sipping away and talking about the things of life for the two of you? Man! Life has a way of interfering with dreams! It stinks!

I love the snow pants story! Have you heard about the 100 car pile up in Michigan?