Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ornament bliss

Inspired by my friend Jen - here is a selection of ornaments from our tree. Stay tuned, as I will post one of my newest favorites tomorrow - or as soon as I remember to do it.

This first ornament is one of our older ones and dates to when I was young. It is a ballerina made out of a clothespin.

I love this photo of the girls at Disney World. In their VBS shirts, of course.

The girls are HUGE Hoops and Yoyo fans, so they both want to hang the Hoops and Yoyo ornament. This year, to determine who would hang the ones they both wanted to hang, we did Bible trivia. Kaylie won by knowing the name of the first King of Israel. Of course, right after saying "King Saul!", she adds, "and then he changed his name to King Paul!". Um, wrong Saul, Kaylie, but huge points for enthusiasm!

(Also note one of our multiple obligatory COLTS ornaments! Yee hah!)

This is the first of our personalized family ornaments, dating back to when Jim and I were first married. This is ornament.1, with me, Jim, and the hamster, Hamilton. Future modifications added our first dog, Hannah, then Kaylie. I don't think we have one with both girls and both dogs.

I love this ornament. Back when I served as 2's coordinator at TPCC, we had an ornament exchange every year and I bought this ornament as my give away, but really wanted it for myself. I was overjoyed when my mom (not knowing the story) gave me the same ornament for Christmas that year!! Great minds really do think alike!!

More to come...PS - Merry Christmas!


Jenibug7 said...

I LOVE seeing this!! Lots of people commented that they were going to post their fav ornaments, but you are the first to do it. Well done!

tricia said...

Thanks - it was fun to do and hard to choose what to shoot. It helped that they were hung when I decided to do this and so some were just easier to take photos of. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea! I could have displayed the ornament of the WTC that I bought in the south tower of the World Trade Center ten days before 9/11!
Maybe next year.

Diane W.