Sunday, September 21, 2008


So ever since I joined Facebook, I have been feeling really old and very anti-social as I have realized it is almost 20 YEARS since I graduated from high-school, AND almost 20 years since I have seen many of my high school friends. And it is not like I moved far away or something. (I made it out of Zionsville, but only by about 10 minutes!)

It was VERY FUN, therefore, to get together with some old friends this past weekend. Everyone looks great and so much the same. For a few brief moments, I feared I would not recognize them and would be doomed to wander around the restaurant looking like an idiot. But, no worries, I immediately saw Steph and all was great from there.

A lovely time and I look forward to more time with my "re-discovered" friends!

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Jenibug7 said...

Time for an update friend! When you disappear like this I have to worry and wonder if you have been in the hospital with a headache or WHAT?! Gotta keep the Texans informed...