Friday, March 6, 2009

Condiment Blogging, vol. 1

Time for some "ketchup" blogging...

Last month I helped chaperone a bunch of 4th of 5th graders from church at "SuperStart" - a high, energy youth conference just for kids their age. It was held at Indian Creek Christian Church and there were tons of kids there. I actually had fun.
Friday evening we took the fun bus (because that sounds better than smelly bus - which is what it was) down to Indian Creek and partied down there until late, then journeyed back up to TPCC to spend the night.
This is Hannah and her friends Sarah and Lorin - I love this picture because these girls have been friends since they were tots and now they are little ladies and still friends. :)
Big ole Twister board. YEE HAH!

Day 2 we got up way too early, had a nutritious breakfast of PopTarts and sugary cereals and headed back to Indian Creek for more fun, learning and worship.
This is Yancy, the very energetic worship leader. She was great. Check her out at She has some great CDs for kids and tots. If you would like something other than the same old sing-song music for your kids - this is for you. (Definitely not Barney territory!!)
Took the kids to Great Times for pizza and games - the adults even got to play too! - and then back to Indian Creek to close out the day.
Here is another photo I love: Hannah & Sarah side singing "Lean on Me". How cool is that??
We got home very pooped, but it was a great weekend!

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