Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barry and Levi

Had a lovely visit last week with my brother, Barry, and nephew, Levi. (My sister-in-law, Caroline had to stay back in CA - she was teaching summer school) Took lots of photos - will only subject you to a few...

This is Allison. She is the daughter of my cousin Clay and his wife Mary. Allison and Levi are just a few weeks apart in age.

Dad, Grandma, Levi, and Bart - Levi's first four generations photo with this segment of the family. (Well, four generations plus one ham)

Liked Levi in this one, but you can't see Grandma's face :(

Big ole tenderloin!! An Indiana treasure. Nothing to do with Levi, except that he was there. But, yum!!

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