Friday, November 13, 2009

London Calling...

I love the newsboys – a rock group made up of some cool Christian dudes. The ringtone on my cell phone is from their song, “Something Beautiful”. Perhaps you have heard it (if not, catch a glimpse and a listen here or on I thought this would be great, as I like the song and would get a burst of happiness every time my cell phone rings.

A good idea in theory.

Except, every time my cell phone rings, this is what one hears, “it’s the voice that whispers my name, it’s a kiss without any shame – something beautiful…” It's cool in the context of the whole song, but out of context it is … hmmmm, I'm not sure.

Should I change it? I am starting to feel self-conscious when I am out and about and it rings. I am not a loud-cell phone-talker-in-public kind of chick anyway - so there will always be some awkwardness when my phone rings in the middle of a conversation - but I am starting to frantically dig for my phone to shush it ASAP when it rings for fear of what someone might think. Whaddya think? How would you respond if someone's pocket started singing that?


Jenibug7 said...

adaryll changed my ring tone to soldier boy at one point without me knowing. so in the middle of some serene womens event or something, my ghetto music breaks out. nice. i dont use it anymore. lol
i have the indiana jones track for all indiana folks. and several other peronalized ones for different people. my favorite it stewie from family guy (which i have never actually seen) saying "Mom! Mommy! Ma! Mom!! Mooooom! Mama! Mommy!!" when my mom calls. i laugh every time.

get your groove on. love your ring tone. lol

tricia said...

Love the Mom! Mommy! ring tone - don't watch the show, but have seen the clip and that is a good one. Great idea! I used to have the Darth Vader music for Jim, but had to change when I got my new phone, so now he is Indiana Jones. :)
The one I miss most from my old phone is my message alert - it was Edna (I think that is her name) from the Incredibles saying "Message for you, dahling". Loved that one.