Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Bridge Walk 2010

It has become tradition for us to walk the Mackinac Bridge with Mom and Ron every Labor Day.  Well, actually, Hannah and I walk and Jim and Kaylie meet us at the Levering Cafe (aka "Big Chicken") for lunch.  And we don't technically walk with Mom and Ron, as Mom is usually trying to set land speed records and leaves us in the dust shortly after we start walking.  I was really worried that this year we were going to have to walk in the rain, but the weather turned out great!
7:00am: Bus ride to the north side of the bridge
Mom & Ron (and the arms of a really loud lady sitting in front of them)  Take a good look, you won't see them again...(until the walk is over)
7:45am: Port-o-potty lines.  Fortunately this year Mom didn't have to go
7:48am: No Running.  Unless you join the Governor on her "fitness jog" before the Walk begins.  Would love to do that sometime, but you have to get picked from a lottery.  With my luck, by the time I got picked, I'd be too old to run it.
7:49am:  We're walking, we're walking...

7:57am: Yay!  Sunshine!
8:15am: Almost to the first tower

8:22am:  Looking down:  This is the base of the pillars, as seen through the grates on the bridge.  At this point, I think we are about 200 feet above the water.

8:22: Looking up: The towers rise over 550 feet above water.

8:30am: I love sunbeams!!

8:33am:  Dudes at the top of the south tower.  I bet that is an amazing view!
8:42am:  Self portrait.  We have matching freckles. 
9:09am:  The end!!  Five miles complete!

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