Friday, July 4, 2008

A Glorious Fourth

Except for waking up with a killer headache, had a lovely day. Neighborhood Garage Sale comes around next Saturday and I am really trying to de-clutter, so I hopped out of bed anyway and started trying to clean up and thin out. Did not make it very far, but made some progress and any progress is good.

Had a reading break mid-day; enjoying a fun Sophie Kinsella book.

The Music Man is on - Pickalittle, talkalittle, cheepcheepcheep...Trying to get the girls into it, but, they are more interested in...
Fireworks. Jim bought this ginormous set today plus a package of 48 boxes (!) of sparklers. Gotta admit, I have always dug sparklers, (in fact, that is me with 6 lit at once) and they do go like candy, but 48 boxes is quite a bit. Whose idea was it to make all these fireworks legal, anyway? Must be someone who lives in a really well insulated home.

I guess we might as well join the club. Our neighborhood has sounded like a war zone for the past week (better than New Year's when some of our exuberant neighbors fire real guns and I want to take the girls and barricade under the bed, but that is another story for another time...seriously though, we have a neighbor who keeps shooting off something that could double as a gun shot sound effect; very creepy), so I s'pose we may as well join in and at least get some visual stimulation to go with the auditory assault; make it a little more pleasant.

So, right after the opening credits, out for pre-Fortin Fireworks fireworks, we go. Note the lovely pyrotechnic display. This one made some wonderful squealy noise right as I was taking the photo.

Jim saluted Lady Liberty....
and displayed proper firework safety (that and he had no clue what any of them were going to do, so he took off each time he lit one - who can tell the snaky things from the shooty things?)

Now the girls are missing "Gary, Indiana" because Phase II has begun. Gotta run! Happy Fourth!


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Jenibug7 said...

Did I just see in the TPCC newsletter that you were in the hospital? What's going on?! Are you OK? Blog already and let us know down here in TX!