Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't Iron Naked

Yes, today's deep philosophical lesson comes from Kaylie. And it is this - keep your shirt on when ironing. It is a painful lesson she has learned and I would show you photos if I could do so without exposing her.

This morning Kaylie chose a dress for church that needed ironing and I while I set up the iron, she went ahead and stripped - apparently she does not know I am not a fast iron-er. She was asking how you iron (seeing as I generally do not have time to iron and thus avoid it, she rarely has seen me engage in this activity) and I thought - hey, she's going into 2nd grade, she likes to learn big girl stuff, I will show her how. So, Kaylie is ironing along and goes to move the iron and burns herself on the stomach. Oi vey. Will someone please dust off my Worst Mom of the Year trophy? I am going to need it. Says Jim: "That'll leave a mark." Tell me about it.

I was trying to reassure her and told her that my mom was burned by an iron when she was a little girl too. Kaylie asked where and I started to explain, "you know that spot on her arm where the skin is crinkly.." "YOU MEAN MY SKIN IS GOING TO GET ALL CRINKLY??!!!" Did I already say oi vey?

Finally we got calmed down and bandaged up. It is not a bad or a big burn, but was still pretty upsetting in the moment. Hence the new family rule - which at least made Kaylie smile through the tears. And then, interestingly, my Bible reading today was in Proverbs on wisdom. Nothing about ironing, but I still know I have a long way to go in so many ways.

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Jenibug7 said...

HILARIOUS! Only because it wasn't me, but I must confess that I have done that before. Actually, I don't think I have ever ironed and not burned myself. So glad to see you have a blog- I didn't know about it until you left a comment on Adaryll's! Will be keeping up...