Thursday, June 12, 2008

Economic Stimulus

Well, we have done our part to stimulate the economy. Our lovely economic stimulus check has bit the dust. Such big plans we had for it, too. The plans did not include car repair, but life often does not turn out as we have planned, eh? Yes, we just spent over $1400 on repairs to keep me on the road as a Mini-van Momma (NOT a soccer mom!). The rest is set aside with the hope that it will be able to stay safely there until we travel to sunny Baltimore in July to see Jim's beloved niece Kim get married. And then maybe we will be able to pay for gas. (At this rate, perhaps not much else!)

May you have better luck with yours. While I am disappointed we were not able to do what we wanted with the money, I am so pleased God has provided for us to be able to pay for the car repair via this unexpected monetary influx. Yeah, God!

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