Sunday, June 1, 2008


When and how did I get to be such a homebody? I am going to be one of those old ladies who is afraid to go outside when I get old and never leaves my house. I will be "the old lady who lives on the corner who hasn't been outside since 2013" - and I won't even care that people exaggerate.

My inertia-ness is stronger as I get older, I guess. Once I am home and comfy, I have no desire to leave. We took the girls to a Fever game last night and I was dreading the thought of getting ready and going out - I just wanted to stay home and curl up and finish my book. But the actual act of going to the game and walking around downtown and showing the girls around was fun and I was disappointed it was so late and we had to go home.

I have really let friendships lag because of allowing this stoginess to take over. That and never knowing when I will have a migraine, so I am fearful of planning ahead.

So, dear friends, much love from the crazy lady on the corner and, just think, you can say you knew me when.

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