Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two more days!!

I have been kid-free for almost two weeks and it has been nice and it has been LONG. But on Friday, we finally drive up to Michigan and free my girls from the grandparents (or vice versa). I am very excited to see them, but NOT looking forward to the drive. It is already a rather (ok EXTREMELY) long drive and the anticipation of getting to see my girls after missing them for 2 weeks is going to make it take that much longer. Blah.

I will miss having plenty of room on the couch and not having to go into the bedroom to watch non-kid TV (read: not Fairly Odd Parents). I will also miss getting to eat what we want for dinner with no objections and not having to worry about how late I stay at work.

But no worries, they go back again in July! :)

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