Friday, February 6, 2009

Be a Hero

Oi! Been many moons since have blogged. Logging way too much time on Facebook. Anyway, local music duo Connersvine (Chris Wilson and Colts punter Hunter Smith) are getting ready to release their next single, Hero, and need grass roots help getting it promoted on the airways. It is a good song with a good message. I give it two thumbs up!

Go to their website, (creative, eh?), and check their blog for the message asking for support (post: "The Christian Radio") and a vdeo clip of Hunter talking about the song (post: "Hero"). Go to the post "AFC ProBowler 2009" and click the link to download the song and give it a listen (if you haven't heard it).

Sorry for not giving you multiple links for all this, but it is really easy to find it all in their blog - they are not frequent bloggers right now, so there is not alot to wade through.

Rock on!

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