Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kaylie Story of the Day

I was laying in bed nursing a headache and Kaylie goes nonchalantly strutting through my room, carrying a book and wearing only her underwear.

"Hi, Mom" she says as she walks by the bed on the way into my bathroom.
"Hi, Naked" I answer
"What?!?", she responds, "we are going to have a shower." (Therefore I am supposed to accept it as perfectly normal that she is trotting through my room mostly naked)

She goes in the bathroom and closes the door.

A number of minutes pass. Suddenly the bathroom door whips open and there is Kaylie, now standing there totally naked. "Mom! This spiders book is really scary!"

She started telling me about a picture of a tarantula or something, but I couldn't hear. I was cracking up too hard. Did I mention it hurts to laugh when you have a migraine?

This may not be as funny to you as it was to me; I can't say you had to be there, because that would be inappropriate, but trust me, it was great.

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