Friday, May 22, 2009

New toy!!

A few years ago, I received an mp3 player from my dad and Suzanna for Christmas. It is a great player and holds a ton of stuff. Right now it has a whole bucket load of songs, 4 or 5 full length movies, around 20 short home movies, and a bajillion pictures. But it is a little clunky.

About a month ago, I misplaced my earbuds. Can't find 'em anywhere and have had to resort to back-up, back-up earbuds. I have tiny little ears and these are mongo earbuds that don't fit in my ears, so I have to set them on my ears and hold really still and put them back on my ears every minute or so when they fall out until it just isn't worth it any more.

So tonight, fed up, I went to Best Buy to get new earbuds. And left with...a new mp3 player!!!! Yee hah! Have wanted one for awhile and decided to just jump and do it. I am really excited. It is nice and slim and will be much easier to carry around. Check out the size difference:

Now I just have to recreate all those playlists.........

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