Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monon Moments

Took a family bike ride down the Monon Saturday.  Some random thoughts:
  • From Kaylie:  "You know what I like about the Monon Trail?  Number 1, the restaurants where you can stop and eat.  Number 2, the shade from the trees.  Number 3, the signs.  And number 4, the line." (with special emphasis on lii-iiinnne)
  • We rode 11 miles.  I didn't think this was that long, but anytime the hubby tells someone they say "Wow!".  Did we really ride that far, or do people just think he's out of shape?
  • I am concerned about all these people walking the trail in flip flops.  I hope they are not walking far.  Don't they know this is bad for their feet?
  • Saw a dude with baggy bike shorts.  How does that happen?
  • Saw another dude with a pocket in his bike shorts, right on his lower back.  For some reason, I found this really icky.
  • I think I need a cushier seat.
  • I love strawberry frozen yogurt.  (oh, yeah, we stopped for a snack)  Remember how popular frozen yogurt used to be?  Does TCBY even exist anymore?  (If so, where is the nearest location??)
  • HOW do people do multi-day 25+miles per day rides?  They must be made of steel.  Or marshmallow.

(I know this qualifies as one of those inane, who really cares posts, but it is my blog and no one is forcing anyone else to read it, so I can say whatever I want (within reason, of course).  Right?)

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