Thursday, February 10, 2011

No thanks for your "support"

Police fund telemarketer man calls.

Dude: "(blah, blah, blah) We're the police fund that doesn't use telephone telemarketers"

Me: (to myself) didn't you call me?

Me: I can't give anything this year because all of our charitable donations for the year have already been allocated and we don't have any to spare.

Dude: (disbelieving) In February?

Me: Trust me, we are dedicating a significant amount this year and it is all allocated. You are going to say, "you can't even give $10?" and I'm going to say "no, I can't even give $10".

Dude: grumble, grumble "have a good year" (um, you could tell this is really not what he wanted to say)

Is that bad? Should I have broken down for him the $10,000 for mission trips we are taking (prayerfully not all of this will come out of our pockets, but a really big chunk will), plus our church giving, plus the Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Taylor University, our sponsor child in Haiti, the missionaries in Central Asia we help support, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera? 
I just don't think I should have to justify to some dude how I choose to do my giving, but I also don't like somebody judging me and thinking I am a horrible person because I won't give $10.  Grrrrrr.

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Anonymous said...

If you broke it all down for him he would have complained anyway because he wasn't someone you were supporting. We wish you the best in all your mission adventures this year!