Monday, August 1, 2011

Scales of Blahness

So I bought a new bathroom scale because I felt my old one was not consistent enough.

OK, how stupid was that? What was I thinking? Am I delirious from the heat?? Before, if I was too heavy, I could turn a blind eye and blame it on the scale; if I was extra light, I could rejoice in my "success", even though I knew that I could step back on the scale 5 minutes later and be 5 pounds heavier.

Did I choose to revel in and enjoy this blissful ignorance? No, I had to go purchase a new (presumably more accurate) scale. Can I just tell you how depressing that was? To make it worse, this new scale also measures body fat. (Trying to remind myself why I thought that would be a good thing to know.) I think I had naively convinced myself that I was thinner than I am. The readings on the scale were depressing enough to send me into milkshake therapy.

But I am trying to use it for good. Hopefully this is the slap in the face I need and I will finally start reversing the past several years and get back to a decent weight.  Always a challenge with the meds I take and working in a French bistro, surrounded by fattening foods and tempting, delicious, calorie-laden desserts. But I am going to do it. I will see those numbers go down.

I hope. (Did that sound convincing?)

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