Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There's Gold in Them There Teeth

Kaylie story: (because it has been awhile)

(If you know Kaylie, you'll appreciate this; if you don't know Kaylie, I'm not quite sure what you'll think...)
Kaylie has decided she needs money to buy some random toy she doesn't need and I will not purchase.  (Have you seen the child's room? .... please tell me no, if you have, I don't want to know)  So, when she unearthed some teeth when cleaning her room today, she decided she was going to claim what she apparently failed to previously claim from the Tooth Fairy. 
"Mom, I found some teeth when I was cleaning my room - and one of them, Mom, has a silver filling in it - and anyway, Mom, I found some teeth and I need some money; I really need some money, so I am going to turn them all in to the Tooth Fairy." 
To which I probably said something lame like, "Ok" because I was trying to remember how much cash I had on me. 
But then she says, "Or, I think I might start a tooth collection."  (Like she needs another collection in her room.  Once again, have you seen the clutter in there?)  "I'm either going to save them, to remember my childhood, or I am going to sell them."
Me: "Who do you think is going to buy them?"
K: "Well, one has a silver filing in it.  Or people who need dentures."
That's one small set o' dentures, kid.

(PS - I read the Tooth Fairy's note - oh, yes, there is always a note.  Usually because she is instructed to leave one, answer multiple questions about her lifestyle, AND draw a picture.  And while the Tooth Fairy might be adept at disguising her handwriting, she is definitely not an artist.  She draws stick figures.  ANYWAY (see where Kaylie gets her ramblings?), the Tooth Fairy's note said Kaylie is too grown up and she (Tooth Fairy) can't keep coming back.  I love and treasure the notes and the sweetness and innocence of it all, but Asperger's or not, she (Kaylie) has to grow up, too.  *sad*)

(PPS - above photo is Kaylie at Colts Camp.  In Anderson.  Reading.  Because that's how she rolls.)

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