Monday, May 26, 2008

Fear, Part II

What I should be concerned with... (I won't say worried about)
  • Who is going to watch my girls in 2 days when they get out of school and the week after that and the other four or five weeks I don't have covered this summer

Sometimes I think my "everything will be okay" philosophy is misplaced. I think it is part of my tendency to procrastinate more than some super-spiritualness I possess. Maybe I should be "worrying" about what I figure will work itself out and letting go what I am worrying about. But I would rather not worry about it or deal with it, so I put it off. I also know it is going to work out and, to be honest, I really am too preoccupied being concerned with other things to add one more worry to my list. So I just don't deal with it. For example, I figure I will deal with the girls going to big, scary Pike High School closer to when we get there. Why start worrying now? First of all, what good will it do; secondly, I don't even want to think about it even if worrying could accomplish anything.

So here I am, 2 days from the end of school, with no clue where my girls will be staying in 2 days. But it will work out. It always does. Just like everything else in our lives, God displays and unending faithfulness that we are so undeserving of - we may struggle, and rightly so - but we have yet to go flying off the end of the cliff. He is so good - it should not amaze me, but it does because I am so undeserving. Woo hoo and yeah God!

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