Friday, May 23, 2008


So it has been about 20 minutes and I can't hold back any longer. I have to officially express my Hillary frustration. When I was in college, I did my senior J-term paper on the then First Lady because I was intrigued by this powerful woman. I didn't really like her - it just really intrigued me this sense of purpose she had. Who knew then that she would later be so close to the White House? Actually, she probably had intentions many, many moons ago, it is the rest of us who were a little slow on the uptake. But now she is just wicked annoying and what respect I may have had is now total annoyance.
I just wish she or her peeps would stop crying foul over the woman thing. It is not making her nor us look good as a gender. To whine that people are treating her differently because she is female is to feed the fire of those who would do just that. She is not helping her cause. (Not that I am a Hillary fan and dying to see her elected)
And she should stop being so stubborn. Not good. Who wants such a stubborn person for President? Grr.
Why do I care when I don't even care for her nor want her to win? Don't know. Just annoys me.

I am totally digging this voicing my frustrations thing.

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Diane said...

'Voice on', Sister.........'Voice on'!