Monday, August 4, 2008

De-caf Day 6

Thanks to LeDena and Jennifer for the comments on the decaf life. I learned many moons ago I am not alone in headache-land and I am always encouraged when I find others who frequent the land. Of course when they are super-women like LeDena and Jennifer, I feel like such a slacker! Anyway, the best part was hearing from 2 young, vibrant women who are caffeine-free. Were I to think rationally, I would of course have to know the c-f club was not solely composed of early-bird special patrons at Denny's, but to hear first-hand was very reassuring. I am working up to ordering something decaf at Starbucks so I can use up the balance on my gift card. If people can order no-fat, low foam, soy, no whip, etc etc lattes, then surely I can go in and order something and just make it a decaf. Right?

I do have to say that I fixed coffee this afternoon for a client and it was all I could do not to help myself to a cup. I mean a whole pot, just to give the client a cup! I hate to see the rest go to waste! Typically I would fix myself a big ole' mug and enjoy a late afternoon treat, but today, not so much. It was very tempting - like being on some diet or something. Fortunately my boss - great guy and coffee enjoy-er - saved the day and took a cup so I did not have to feel like the rest was going to waste and it took some of the temptation away. That and then I had to leave for the day. When in doubt separation will always help avoid temptation, eh?

Oh, and I am feeling guilty about calling Dr. Simchak evil. He is, of course, not evil at all. He is a lifesaver. Now that I am done taking the evil sleepy drugs and they have worn off I can think much more clearly. Still tired, but not beat-down dead tired - yee hah!! Tomorrow I go see the good Dr. and we shall see what the next step is. More to come!!!! Stay tuned, it is always an adventure!!

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Jenny Braun said...


I also get migraines and I have been C-F for probably ten years. I do drink decaf coffee, and at Starbuck's you can get a lot of their drinks C-F...I can't tell the difference. When I go out to eat I just get water with dinner. Sometimes I'll get a Sprite or a lemonade, but really water is better for you. once you get in the habit of drinking water all the time, you just don't think about it anymore. Occasionally I still get migraines (hormone-related) but not from caffeine. Let's talk more next time I see you!