Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Another fun weekend with bee-uuu-tee-full weather!!!


  • Indians game with work peeps and their families. Awesome weather, fireworks, hanging out with friends, and Hannah caught a baseball. She was psyched. Had Rowdie sign it and everything. I ask again - what is Rowdie? A bear? A dog? A monkey without a tail?

  • biking on the Monon Trail with the family on Saturday - who would think we could have such lovely weather in the middle of August??
  • Bought some groovy new storage containers to do some serious organizing around the house. Yee hah!
  • Second weekend in a row of doing fun stuff - starting to feel like a normal person again!

Not so fun:

  • my rear end hurts (I mean really, really hurts) from biking. One would think that being un-thin, this would not be an issue for me; but then one would think wrong.

  • migraine. blah :( Still doing the no caffeine thing and drinking extra-extra water, which helps with the dehydration and thus the head, but still had some bad headaches this weekend.
  • did not see any fun Gen Con dudes roaming around downtown last night. Quite disappointing. Usually good for a couple fun costume sightings - this year I saw nada.
  • No Fred yet. Barry and Caroline's baby refuses to come out. More frustrating for them than me, but I still can't wait. I hate that they live in California and it will be forever before I get to see him. Seriously going to dampen my efforts to be favorite auntie.


  • In the car, Hannah was being crabby at Kaylie and Kaylie says to her: "Sounds like someone's being a Miss Gumpy Pants" in this cute little sing song voice. Probably lucky she didn't get decked.

  • When Kaylie put on what I told her to wear the other day, she hated it and complained to me, "I look like a supermodel whose shoes don't match her dress". Kaylie was not wearing shoes or a dress.
  • On the Monon Trail, bike riding: Kaylie: "I don't mean to humiliate you, Mom, but my butt hurts!!!"

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Jenibug7 said...

I love that Kaylie thought that her butt hurting would humiliate you. LOL Do these kids have ANY IDEA of the things we do for them?! And to think that one would be humiliating? How about giving birth with multiple strangers in the room, naked in all our glory? And even that, given the circumstance, wasn't all that humiliating. In fact, it was so stinkin painful, we didn't even really care! LOL