Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tired, but thankful!

Today was a really tiring, but very good day!

It started with the Back to School Blast down at Jireh Sports. This is a great event where Jim and I have served for a number of years. (Just me this year, though, as Jim was unable to attend) They give out back packs filled with school supplies, have free haircuts, food, crafts and activities, a health tent, blow up things like a joust and a velcro wall, and a climbing wall. This year I got to help with the climbing wall. And for the first time ever, got to try my hand at climbing. (have always wanted to try, but feared making a serious fool of myself when I failed to climb higher than 2 feet off the ground)

Check me out making attempt #1: (props to Kirsten for taking the photo)

Unfortunately, not the most successful of all attempts, but hours later, I tried again on another side and (with LOTS of help from the rock climbing dude) made it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!! How cool am I??!!! For someone like me, who had to work really hard to get there, this was a HUGE deal and I was very pleased that I perservered - and had someone who held me up when I "fell off", so I did not have to start over.

Later in the day, we took my dad and Suzanna to the airport - they are flying out to vacation in Reno and see my brother, Barry and sister-in-law, Caroline (and nephew-to-be-any-minute-now, Fred (not going to be his real name, but have to call him something until he gets born and officially named)). Then it was off to the State Fair!! A Cable/Fortin family tradition. The girls LOVE the fair! They must get it from my dad, who it seems like every year at Fair time, no matter when I call, he is at the Fair. And eating a ribeye sandwich. Or corn. Or a tenderloin. Or something else. Or maybe, if he has just eaten, he is shopping.

Anyway, first stop always must be: Little Hands on the Farm. They love this where they go to all these little barns and do "chores" like you would on a farm. And then at the end they get a treat - maybe THIS is why they like it. That or the hat.
Then we roamed and wandered and ate and did all that good fair stuff! Kaylie loves horses, so she really enjoyed going to the horse barn, even though alot of horses weren't around.
So, after being on my feet all morning at Jireh, and then walking around the fair all evening, I am way beyond tired!! But what a great day - after spending so much of the summer in bed, I am so thankful for a beautiful day spent serving God and being with my family!! WOO HOO!

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Amalie said...

Nice post..! My kids are very excited for back to school bash.