Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'80's night

Last weekend, I went to a Relay for Life conference. Relay is celebrating 25 years, so the theme for dinner was the 80's and everyone was to dress in their 80's garb. Seeing as I graduated from high school in 1990, I felt highly qualified regarding this decade, even if my wardrobe (and hair) are still lacking 20 years later.

I ended up with a pretty good outfit: huge bow in my hair (pouffed as big as my hair gets with mall chick bangs), big white oxford shirt over leggings with the collar up and a pin/brooch at the top button, white socks, black flats, jean jacket, big earrings, jelly bracelets. Classic 80's all the way, IMHO. In fact, I had people actually snickering at me in the hotel lobby.

It was a lot of fun seeing everybody in their get-ups - side pony tail, cut up t shirts, sweatshirts with the neck cut out, neon, Bruce Springsteen looking outfits, jazzercise clothes, and on and on. It was great! :)

Somewhere there is a photo of my complete outfit. Had no camera, but here is a picture I shot of myself at the end of night (notice the flat hair - it never stayed poufy then and still doesn't). I am not good at self portraits, so my apologies.

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