Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surely this is not...

Was going to add my two cents to the blogosphere, internet, and written history in general and wax philosophical about Tony Dungy, but I get all sappy and tear up just looking at today's paper.

I have always been cold and have been a human oven the past few days at work, wearing ever lighter and lighter fabrics and am running out of reasonable options. Still cannot keep from burning up at work - was fanning myself today. It was maybe 10 degrees outside.

Just started to tear up watching to opening for American Idol. American Idol.

This is just the beginning of the emotional and funky stuff that has been going on. Without giving away my age, let me just say I am way too young for any, shall we say "Changes" - so don't even mention that. Let's just hope it is one of my meds (um, that I need to get refilled) and maybe leave it at that. (But can somebody turn down the heat?)

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Anonymous said...

You're not even close! I started about two years ago (at 51). I bundle myself up when I leave the house in the morning; heavy coat; scarf around my neck......kind of like the little Christmas Story kid....... ear muffs; gloves, etc. I throw a sweater on when I get to work. Not even a half an hour later some of the employees think that they took a wrong turn and ended up at a 'peep' show! I can't get that sweater off fast enough! Yeah; menopause offers it's own personal summer to each recipient, at any time; any day; any season! Two minutes later, the sweater is back on! It must be the meds!

Diane W