Thursday, October 8, 2009

As Seen on TV


Check this out: 
You may know there is a series on ABC called Castle.  Personally, I like the show.  (Which, by the way, doesn't bode very well for the show.  Generally, if I like it, it gets cancelled.  Thus I am extra impressed this show made it to season 2.)  ANYWAY, the premise is there is an author, Richard Castle, who writes mystery novels.  They all center around his character, Derrick Storm.  Well, Castle is bored with Derek and having a very dry period creatively, so he kills off his very popular character.  Through a murder investigation (the murderer was recreating murders from Castle's novels), he begins working with NYPD - originally as part of the murder investigation and then in order to "research" his new novel (with a new character based on the no nonsense female cop he is shadowing).  It is the mystery of all the CSI such-and-such, but with a little less gore, a little more wit.

So today I found this on Amazon (it's also on Shelfari):

Yes, that is right.  A real book you can purchase "written" by "Richard Castle".  Again I ask:  Seriously?  Talk about your marketing tie-ins.  It just cracks me up.  And annoys me because it assumes we are naive enough to believe Richard Castle really exists and really writes books that people who are not fictional characters can read.  (Or maybe we are supposed to wink back to show we are in on the joke, too?)  That being said, you know now I am going to have to read it...out of curiosity if nothing else...

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