Friday, October 30, 2009

Dr. S

Haven’t done a shout-out to Dr. S. since last summer – which was last time I was hospitalized, so HURRAH! that I made it to (and well past!) one year!!

Anyway, saw Dr. S. Wednesday and just wanted to give him some props. Especially since I was in and out of the office in 30 minutes – the bulk of which I actually spent in conference with Dr. S. (I know – you just fell off your chair, didn’t you? Yes, there is a doctor who spends more than 30 seconds with you and actually treats you like a person and doesn’t have cheap signs posted all over the office about all the fees you will be charged if you look at the nurse funny or wear a weird hat on Friday and other such nonsense!) This is one of the many reasons why he's my fave.  Including that I always get quiet time to sit and read with no distractions when I go to his office.  (Wednesday was an anomaly; I usually plan about 2 hours for a visit - plenty of time to catch up on my latest book.) 

Hooray, hurrah, huroo!

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