Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let it out, PSA Edition

A series of public service announcements.  Because I care about you.  It’s how I roll.

• If you don’t show up for work until 10am and leave at 2:30pm, your work day will go much faster. Just don’t forget to check your inbox before you dash out, as there might be something important in there. (me: oops!)

• Quaker Oats Weight Management Instant Oatmeal is yucky. It has Splenda in it, so if you like Splenda, this may be nectar of the gods to you. But if you don’t like the little yellow magic sweetner, stay away from this nasty mush. (If you enjoy this divine dish: A) my apologies if I offended you and B) would you like 19 free packets?)

• Speaking of nutrition, if you have a latte for breakfast, cake for lunch and then cake again for dinner, sneak in some veggies somewhere, as there is always the chance your youngest will come up to you at 9pm and say “Mom, for my health report I need you to write down what you had for breakfast lunch and dinner today”. (At that point, do you set the bad example by lying, or by honestly admitting what you ate?  At least I had that glass of milk with cake slice #1!!)

• Dance leotards are very constricting. I don’t think I have worn one since I was 5. I have had this one on for an hour (with at least 3 more to go) and I am overheating. I, who am never hot, am suddenly having much better empathy for the hot flash ladies. (update: after 4.5 hours, I did figure out what I can now wear when I am freezing and just can’t get warm – my new leotard! This will nicely help justify the cost!)

• Don’t let your husband venture far from your sight if you are at church on a Wednesday he is not on tech duty. If you do, he will not be off duty much longer. (update: ha ha ha! Totally different ending than I expected. He found out he is coaching a basketball team of 3rd through 6th grade girls! If you know Jim, this is hilarious. First meeting: tonight. At church. At 6:30. He found out at 6:25.  Did I mention tee hee hee?)

• Burger King sells bags of ice. Not sure why or what the drive-thru demand for bagged ice is. But now, if you are desperate for ice, don’t want to get out of the car (and would love a jr whopper with cheese), your life is now bliss my friend.


Teresa said...

McDonalds does the bag of ice thing too.

tricia said...

That kills me. I wonder why they are selling ice. Next thing you know they will have milk, eggs, and bread too.