Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shopping for a Cause

Something I love to do is shop for a cause.  I love accomplishing two things in one.  I get something I want/need and a worthy organization/person gets something, too.  Girl Scout cookies?  Check.  Scrip fundraising cards?  Check.  Market Day, popcorn, American Cancer Society stuff?  Check, check, check.  One year I bought half my Christmas gifts from missions partners at our church Missions Fair.

Here are some sites I'd like to share with you of some very groovy products helping some phenomenal individuals.

http://www.bytavi.com/ by Tavi is a line created by the Center for Global Impact (visit their site), providing an outlet for women in Cambodia to earn income by marketing the products that they create in their home city of Phnom Penh. 

http://www.missioncoffee.org/ Coffee!!  Need I say more??  All proceeds from the sale of Mission Coffee
fund the mission of Panama Christian Evangelism - the proceeds are returned to the mission in cash or in medicine.

http://www.threadsofyunnan.com/ Threads of Yunnan is a project that helps rural women in China learn a skill and create income for their families. They also receive other training to help them lead safer, healthier lives.

I have items from all of these sources and they are wonderful.  A number of ladies in my office recently purchased pashmina scarves from by Tavi for the awesome price of $15!

These are just a few on my mind this evening.  Many similar organizations are assisting individuals world-wide with micro-enterprise operations that bring hope and a future where poverty is very, very real.  I encourage you to support these operations when and where you can and share with others whenever you find an opportunity to do so.  So share any other good Shopping for a Cause tips/strategies!!!

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