Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Foliage and Falling

Are you into foliage?  I don't think I even knew the word existed until I moved to New England and some friends invited me to go north to look at the foliage.  Beautiful.  Gorgeous.  Wish you were here.  Who knew?  How I got that far in life liking fall that much without learning such vital terminology, I have no idea. 

Have foliage on the brain because A) it's fall and the leaves are, in fact, changing and 2) it's my anniversary!!!  Fifteen years ago this week we were married and had a lovely fall honeymoon.  To Vermont and Williamsburg.  Foliage, USA.  Exotic, no; beautiful, yes.  (Plus that was a horrible hurricane season, so it actually worked out in our favor to NOT be Bermuda-bound.) 

All of the most memorable things to happen in my adult life have happened in the fall: my wedding, the birth of my children, my daughter getting baptized.  Which pretty much cements fall as my ab-fab time of year.

Random recent fall photos:

Zoo Boo 2009

Pre-Anniversary trip to Mackinac Island to celebrate our 15th!

Clowning around at my cousin's fall wedding in very un-October-ish weather.

Do you fall for fall too?

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