Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Memories

Sitting at home after another fun Trunk or Treat and watching Sunday Night Football.  Having flashbacks to a Monday Night Football game played on Halloween many, many moons ago.  Memorable because the Colts won.  Big time.  Did I mention this was back in the day when any Colts win was huge, let alone a prime time TV domination???  Good memories, good memories.

Here is how the Chicago Tribune remembers it...(I know, how random is that?  But it was the only article I could find online about the game.  Ok, I didn't really search very hard.)

Last Halloween Monday Night Game No Treat
October 31, 1994
By Don Pierson.The last Monday night Halloween football game was a frightful affair in Indianapolis when the Colts beat the Denver Broncos 55-23 in 1988. It was so out of character that the Colts haven't scored nearly that many points in any game since. In two subsequent Monday night appearances, they have scored a total of only one touchdown.

The night even featured players dressed in unfamiliar costumes. It was Eric Dickerson's first Monday night game for the Colts after his 1987 trade from the Rams. Dickerson celebrated by scoring four touchdowns in the game's first 19 minutes, his last great game on a national stage.

Denver's running back was Tony Dorsett, playing his only season in a Broncos uniform after a Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys.

The Colts had a 45-10 halftime lead, eliminating suspense early enough to leave viewers plenty of time to trick-or-treat. Denver thought the ball was a pumpkin, losing 4 fumbles.

Go Colts and Happy Halloween!!!

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