Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been a long time

Wow. Been quite an extended blogging break. So much to say now, and so little time. Lots of fun to report to you. Can't get into it all now, but here are some morsels:

A long awaited update: Some of you may remember my story about Patrick and Kaylie earlier this year. Well, at the before school Ice Cream Social, we met Patrick's family!!!! Had a good conversation with his mom, who was very kind and easy going. Good people. Of course, Patrick and Kaylie aren't on the same bus this year...so that kind of decides that, now doesn't it? Well, they will still be hallway buddies.

A new development: I am going to start book reviews on the blog! I am very excited, as I will have an opportunity to preview some great books and give y'all my two cents. I know, you are thrilled, but it is cool for me! :)

A quick Kaylie story: A few Sundays ago, we were at church early because Jim had to be there early. The girls and I were sitting in the Gathering (a lounge outside the sanctuary) and Kaylie was hungry. (she is her mother's daughter) But she wasn't just hungry, she was starving. I told her (very sympathetically of course) that she would be fine and not starve, because her body stores excess to use in case of "emergency" and she could live for quite some time on the excess her body had stored up. Hannah chimed in with a much better, scientific explanation of just how long a person can go without food and water. Then Kaylie says, "Well, Dad would last for a real long time because he has lots of excess!!!"

More to come. Stay tuned.


Jenibug7 said...

LOL! We used to have a neighbor who would whine "I'm staaaaaaaaarrrrrrrving" every night at dinnertime as we were all playing outside. It was really annoying, and more annoying that other kids began picking it up. The first time Elias did that, I marched him over to the computer and googled "starving children". I made him look at pictures and explained that starving means you don't have any food AND you don't have any access to any food. Anywhere. Period.
That put an end to that. LOL

tricia said...

LOVE that. Next time that is what I will do.