Saturday, August 29, 2009

my books are here!!!

Did I mention I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it? Yes, I know your first thought is, "Well, get your tukus off the computer and stop whining." And of course you are right, but here I am anyway.

My books came in the mail this week! The books I get to read and review. All six of them. That I need to read and review by October 31. No problem, right? Of course I have 91 (yes, it is true) books from the library also sitting around the house. You know you only get them for 21 days. (Ok, a bunch of them are the girls', but still, I have a lot to read.) So, I think I am in the middle of about six books, have four movies I checked out and haven't seen, and oh, did I mention I have a job, and kids to spend at least a little time raising, and a house that really needs cleaning, and a desk that is always buried in stuff to do/read/pay? No wonder I love to read so much - it is what it has always been: escape.

ALL that being said, I am wicked excited about my new books, am already almost done with the first one (which was great timing because it is 4th in a series and I just read #3 like two weeks ago), and everything will get done in time, or it really didn't need done that bad. Right?

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