Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wisdom from The Big Book of Girl Stuff

This morning Hannah was swinging a basket full of Beanie Babies in a big arc and showing how they stayed in, even when the basket was upside down.  Looking for those teachable moments, I asked what caused that to happen.  Pressure, the girls told me. 
"How do you know?"
Hannah:  "I learned it in 4th grade"
Kaylie:  "The Big Book of Girl Stuff"

For those of you not living in my world - The Big Book of Girl Stuff is a book Kaylie got last week from the library at school.  And this seriously is a big book.  It seems to cover quite a broad range of topics, as it seems like no matter what we discuss, Kaylie can share some tidbit she learned from this book.  Or she is peppering her conversation with these little gems.  So I thought I would share with you just a few of the things we have learned:
  • The average woman weighs 150 pounds.  (And, as Kaylie added, if Hannah was a woman right now, she would be less than average.  Didn't know that, did ya?)
  • One of boys "biggest thoughts" is macho stuff.  (I was worried it was gonna be something else.  Phew.)  But not Kevin.  How does she know?  "Because he is a good person.  I think Jordan has the thoughts of exploding stuff."  (O-kay.)
  • Girls Rule.  (duh, I already knew this)
  • Cell Phone "e-quit".  (don't try to tell her it is etiquette - I'm just warning ya)  Here is what not to do:  #1 don't eat while talking on the phone; and #2 don't "stage talk"
  • Practical Jokes.  Something about trapping someone's fingers by putting a glass of water on them.  Which I don't see as so funny, because couldn't you take your other hand and move the glass, thus freeing your fingers??
  • How to send an IM of a shark attacking a cheerleader:

And now you can go share with the universe and make someone's world a better place...


Jenibug7 said...

LOVE the shark/cheerleader thing. So, so funny! We got our kids the "Dangerous Book for Boys" and the "Daring Book for Girls" at Costco last Christmas. You might check that one out- kind of along the same lines...

tricia said...

So funny you say that - yesterday Kaylie was telling me something she learned from a book her friend was reading: the Daring Book for Girls. :)