Sunday, August 23, 2009


Did I mention I have read 100 books since I started tracking them on a Shelfari page in late June of last year? Yay, me!

Crazy thing is I used to go in the library and didn't know what book to get - couldn't decide on an author, was afraid to "judge a book by its cover" and choose one just because I like the font or graphics on the cover. But it seemed like once I found one or two, things went crazy after that. Especially as I discovered authors I liked and devoured a whole series one book at a time. (which is actually a kind of nice way to do it because you don't have to wait a year or more to find out what happens next!)

So, even though I have read 100, my to be read stack remains stuck around 70. And I don't even think it is near to containing all the books I would actually like to read. And the stack on the floor by my bed (too tall for the bedside table) never seems to get any shorter!

I would like to say they are all really deep, thought provoking books, but they are not. I discovered some good "chicklit" authors and have read quite a bit of that. They are good reads when I just have a little time or when I have a headache and can't handle something meatier. I have also found that some of the good Christian chick-lit authors still make you think, even if they aren't doing a verse by verse analysis of Colossians or something.

Most the books have been good. There are a few books that I kept reading even though I didn't like them very much just to be able to check them off the list. (I am a big list-maker and will write something down I already did just to mark it off the list, so it is always exciting when I have another one complete! Part of why I have been loving Shelfari.) There were also some that had great potential, but 3 pages in I could tell they were just not going to be worth the effort. Always disappointing, but nice because I can return it to the library right away and my pile gets smaller! (unless I grab 2 more books while I am there!)

So, what am I reading right now? I am doing something Kaylie drives me crazy doing. I am in the middle of three books: Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible, by Liz Curtis Higgs (who I LOVE), I Could Have Sung All Night by Marni Nixon (she was the singing voice for a number of Hollywood actresses back in the day), and When the Stars Went to War by Roy Hoopes (a look at Hollywood's involvement in WWII). And of course, I am in the middle of my bible - which right now is a chronological version which has been really interesting, but challenging when I take it to church and have to look up something in Psalms - they are all over the place!! And, finally, I just started a book called Murder is Binding - one of those mysteries that is as much about the people as the mystery. Main character's name is Tricia, so it has got to be great, eh??

Even though it feels like I will never get to the bottom of the pile, I am always looking for good books or great authors to try - so bring on the recommendations! :)

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