Thursday, January 7, 2010

Deep Thoughts with Martha

(Today I got really annoyed with the school district.  I figure I did enough ranting and raving yesterday and don't want to be pegged as the new Yosemite Sam ("reg-a-freg-a- rootin-tootin-yadda-yadda-grr"), so rather than go on and on about that, I bring you something light and lovely to make your day complete.  (It was either that or start screaming "Serenity now!  Serenity now!!"))

Santa left me some delicious dark chocolate in my stocking.  But this is not just any dark chocolate.  No, sir.  It is chocolate infused with Martha Stewart Holiday Tips.   (Yes, I am Santa's favorite.)  I just could not keep these to myself, so I share them with you.  Can I just tell you how many dark chocolates I had to eat to compile the list?  Anything for my pals. 

And so, here are Martha's tips - yes Christmas is over, but there is always President's Day, or just save this post until next year.  They are timeless and appropriate for oh so many holidays.
  1. Group small flower arrangements on a cake stand
  2. Use pebbles in your tree stand to stabilize it
  3. A big ribbon bow makes a festive tree topper
  4. Try roast goose instead of turkey for an old-world menu
  5. Hot mulled apple cider spreads warmth and fragrant cheer
  6. Wrap presents in vintage linens from holidays past
  7. Roll ice cream scoops in coconut for snowman-inspired treats
That is as much as I have eaten - sometimes I get a duplicate, so it takes more chocolate than it appears.  Sorry, you shall just have to wait.  A good writer should always leave her readers wanting more, right?

(Update:  last night's chocolate had this sage advice:  "A Christmas open house is a relaxing way to entertain."  Seriously Martha??  In what universe??)

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