Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm Famous!

Hey - I was quoted in the Indianapolis Star!  (Almost two years ago.  Just discovered the other day.  Does this tell you how far behind I am and how disorganized my life has become??)  Check this out:  (Feb 13 entry)

" 'Turn west off Michigan Road and get ready for a swim,' Tricia Fortin wrote to Star Watch. After recent heavy rains in Central Indiana, she reported a drainage problem just west of Michigan Road at Cooper Road on the Northwestside (shown in the above photo). 'Due to a blocked drain combined with bad drainage, there is a constant pond across the street,' Fortin said. 'When the temp is below freezing, it is very dangerous and icy.'  Vehicles must cross the flooded street to access the Cooper Pointe subdivision."

I am such a community activist.

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