Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter dinner

Had a wonderful Easter. Hope you did too.

Church was joyous and wonderful. I sang in the choir this year and, as always, that was AWESOME! I love to sing and we sang some of my favorites and with rehearsal and two services, you get to sing them 3 times!! :) (Not counting a few last minute run throughs of one of the special music pieces in the car on the way to church)

On the way home, had to stop by the market, despite Hannah's observation that "No one should have to go grocery shopping on Easter." We had to pick up a few things for Easter dinner, which was to be pot roast. Had considered ham, or even turkey, but fortunately settled on roast. We were in the store parking lot and I was mentally listing what I needed to do when I got home when I suddenly remembered our oven is not working!! I stopped in my tracks and hollered to Jim: "We can't have roast - we don't have an oven!" Thank goodness for crock-pots! We browned the meat and got it started the second we got home and had just enough time to cook it. :) I was SO glad we had not bought a big ole ham or something!!!

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