Sunday, April 26, 2009

Letter from Kaylie, part II

We asked Kaylie if she wanted to add to her part of the Mexico support letter and include anything else, including prayer requests, concerns about the trip people could pray for, etc. Here is her expanded letter:

Dear Family and Friends,
Daddy and I are going to Mexico. We will need to have money to pay for the trip though. Could you send money in? We will need $2,000. Don’t send in all your money though. Just send in some money. We will build a house and live in tents! We will stay July 11th -18th. Please can you help me and Daddy? Thanks!!! Can you pray for us too? Don’t forget Mom and Hannah! I am afraid no Mexican kids will like me because I am a American. Pray for that too. Bye-bye!!!!!!!!

When I asked about her addendum, if this is what was on her heart, or if she was just doing it quick because we asked her to, she said it truly is one of her concerns because she does not speak the same language and so she might have trouble making friends with the children she meets there. (She dramatically adds "the only Spanish word I know is elefante and that means elephant!", but then immediately adds the word for penguin, proving what I already know, which is that she knows more than "elephant") I think she is going to be pleasantly surprised and will learn so much on the trip! I am so excited she is going and going with a heart to serve and love the people of Mexico. Unfortunately we have to wait for July.

Please do keep Kaylie and Jim and all the others planning to go in your prayers as they prepare and then as they travel this summer. From a travel website:

Travel Alert: There has been a significant increase in the level of drug-related violence throughout Mexico with northern Baja California and Tijuana among the worst affected parts of the country. Tourists are not specifically targeted, but any travellers visiting these areas should exercise extreme caution.
Tijuana has a bad reputation that, sure, it partly deserves. Bars, brothels and strip clubs are brazenly frequented, and prescription meds and drugs loudly advertised. Hawkers brashly proclaim to ‘have it’ (no matter what you might be looking for), and if they don’t, they know someone who does.

Just as I do every day, I trust God will take care of them and I know God is always in control and will take care of us no matter what. I will keep passing on prayer requests as the trip nears.

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