Sunday, April 19, 2009

Letter from Kaylie

This summer Jim and Kaylie are planning to travel with a group from church to Mexico on a mission trip. We asked Kaylie to write a little letter to go with Jim's support letter. Here is what she typed up all on her own. (I think Jim gave her the "Dear Family and Friends")

Dear Family and Friends,

Daddy and I are going to Mexico. We will need to have money to pay for the trip though. Could you send money in? We will need $2,000. Don’t send in all your money though. Just send in some money. We will build a house and live in tents! We will stay July 11th -18th. Please can you help me and Daddy? Thanks!!!


Jim thought it was hilarious, but inappropriate to include. I think it is sweet and since that is what she wrote and we want it to be from her and it is only going to friends and family, it is fine. What do you think?


Jenibug7 said...

do the checks go to tpcc??
will they drive through austin?

tricia said...

I think they are flying. Jim keeps forgetting to check on that. I guess if we don't get a flight soon, they won't be going anywhere! :)