Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Under attack

Ok folks, I said I would pass on prayer requests as they came along - well, here ya go!

You may have heard of this little bug going around - swine flu. Ring any bells? Well if you have had any contact with the outside world in the past few days, you know the outbreak seems to have originated in Mexico, has hit hardest in Mexico, and various authorities are advising against travel to Mexico.

Please pray for the people of Mexico and the staff and volunteers of Amor Ministries (www.amor.org, the organization with which they will be working) and other agencies serving the people of Mexico. My prayer is that travel to Mexico does not get officially banned and volunteers do not shy away from serving out of health or other concerns. I pray not only our group, but many others remain able to travel to Mexico and all over the world serving others and spreading love in the name of Christ.

Thanks for your prayers!

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Jon said...

Thank you for your prayers, Tricia! We appreciate them so much.