Friday, April 17, 2009

Hail to the Librarians

All hail my pal Rhonda Tweedy and the other lovely librarians at the Pike library!!

Here's the story:
Easter Sunday, we are milling outside the sanctuary during second service waiting for time for the choir to sing again. I glance at the Lost and Found box as I walk by and lo and behold it looks like one of my travel mugs is in the box! I take a closer look and find not only is it my mug, but there is another in there that is mine too!! It is Christmas in April!!! :)

I had to go back to sing and Jim had to go back to do sound, so I give him the mugs and my "church bag" that has my Bible, library book, and notebook. He puts the mugs in the bag and we go on with our morning. (The library book was due Monday, so I was trying to finish it Sunday morning while waiting for music rehearsal).

We get home from church and I pull out the library book to read and was horrified to find the first several pages of the book and the top of almost all the pages covered in coffee!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Apparently whoever placed the mug(s) in the bin did not empty said mugs first. I tried to blot it up, but it was, of course, a lost cause. (sorry, no photos, but trust me, it was bad)

The book had to be returned Monday, so I very timidly went to the library that evening. God sent the wonderfully sweet Rhonda Tweety out of the back room right as I was coming in. (Maybe you think God doesn't care about library books, but I like to think God put her there at that time just for me. Because God is very groovy that way.) I told Rhonda my story and how I was scared to bring the book back as I had never ruined a library book before and had no clue what they were going to say or do. She was very sweet and encouraging, but at the same time said I was probably going to have to pay to replace the book.

I gulp, walk up to the desk, tell them "I have a problem", and show them the book. Rhonda comes up behind me and says, " And I'm here for moral support." (Did I mention I just love her?) One of the librarian's first responses (after she laughs) is: "Well, at least you know what it is." Which if you did not know it was coffee, it could kinda gross you out if you let your mind wander. Nuff said about that. Since she was laughing at me anyway, I said I have to tell you the whole story and I told them about discovering my mugs and putting them in the bag unawares and who does that when there are coats and clothes and books and Bibles and all kinds of stuff in the Lost and Found?!? And she said....."We won't hold you at fault for that. We are just glad you know what it is." (and kept laughing) Hurrah!! Dance of joy!! Library privileges and wallet are in tact! (Pride a little wounded, but hey, that happens all the time)

So a big shout out of thanks to the gracious ladies at the Pike branch of the library!!!!

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