Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boyd Williams

This post is dedicated to Boyd Williams.  Boyd was the pastor at the first church I can remember going to, Franklin Church of Christ.  Boyd modeled for us true, authentic worship for an audience of One with no inhibitions.  Boyd was not gifted with a beautiful voice, but that didn't get keep him from throwing his head back and praising God to the rafters.  He loved Jesus.  He loved to sing.  And sing he did.  This I will always remember.

Now, if you know me, you know how much I love to Jam for Jesus and that I could do it all day.  But whenever I am back in the Church of Christ, singing the hymns I grew up singing - no instruments, just voices lifted in song - it takes me back to a very special place.  My soul is at peace, drinking in the harmonies and the melodies and the simplicity.

And so today, as I sat in my momma's church and we sang "Farther Along" and others of my favorite hymns, I was back in Franklin, a young girl with childlike faith, learning how to praise Jesus humbly and simply.  And I think of Boyd and I am grateful for the love of worship he passed on.

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